Inside Out

The submission phase has closed. Thank you for your interest.


Keep your phrases to seven words or less.

Answer any of the questions below. (You DO NOT have to answer all)

All phrases will be considered, however not every phrase will be projected due to time.

Thank you for participating.

I live or work in the City of Richmond *
Tell us your name. Let the city know whose wall this is. First name only OR first and last.
(it's a creative challenge, go for it!)
Identify them by name. Example: Mom, thanks for dinner last night.
Tells someone you forgive them.
Think of someone you're having a difficult time with. If you were feeling brave and honest, what would you say to them or ask them?
Remember: Keep all answers 7 words or less, or else it can't fit on the wall.
What keeps you up at night?
Tell us how you found out about the project, why you support it, and want your voice heard. Why does having a voice in your city matter?
OPTIONAL. This allows us to contact you on the upcoming exhibition and community events. We do not share your email with anyone.



Show us your funny. Show us your sad.

Show us your real. Show us your truth.